In 2020, the Head of the Amstel was one of the first national races to be canceled due to the Corona pandemic. Other matches followed. Unfortunately, limits on public and sporting life are still in place and we have no idea how long they will last.

While we do not know for certain if and how the Head of the Amstel will be able to proceed due to the Corona-related measures, it is with high hopes, that we have begun preparing for the Head of the Amstel 2021 on 20-21 March 2021.

In light of the uncertainty, Willem III, KNRB, and other rowing clubs, are exploring different scenarios which include variations in terms of time, participant fields, length of course, and location for all the spring races. Together, we hope to find a way to compete this spring!

With respect to the Head, our Race Committee plans to make a decision no later than 15 February 2021 regarding whether the race will move forward, when, and in what form the Head of the River 2021 will take place.

We hope for the best! As soon as we have more information we will put it on the website and social media. So, keep an eye on our website.

Good luck training for hopes for better times.

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Last modified on Monday, 16 November 2020 17:22

The Dutch government has just announced that no events with more than 100 participants may be held in the Netherlands from now until March 31, 2020, due to Covid-19. 

We realize that this is a huge disappointment – for our organization, and especially for all who planned to participate. However, given the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, we support the government's decision. 

Registration fees and payments for boat hire will be refunded.

Later this year we will once again focus on organizing the next Head of the River Amstel. Let's hope that in 2021 this great tradition can continue!

Yours sincerely,

The Head of the River Amstel Committee

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Last modified on Thursday, 12 March 2020 19:43

In light of the global situation with the coronavirus, the organisation of the Head of the River is constantly monitoring the situation. The lead agencies providing advice for the Netherlands are the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) in cooperation with the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RVIM). We will continue to monitor all the updates they provide ahead of the race on the weekend of 21 and 22 March. 

For the moment, the Head is still taking place and we expect we will be able to race. We will keep you posted if we decide differently, communicating any updates via our website, Instagram and Facebook page.

Last modified on Thursday, 12 March 2020 19:40

Once again this year, international crews are showing strong interest in participating in the Head of the River Amstel. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!

After you have signed up your crew via the registration site, please pay the entry fee as follows.

Entry fees are: Four €70; Eight €100; Corporate Eight €300.

Payment must be made before March 13th to the ‘Amsterdamsche Roeibond’, IBAN number NL 71 INGB 0006 6289 83, BIC number INGBNL2A.

Please include the following details in the comments section:
*    the name of the club,
*    the race event 
*    the name of the stroke of the crew

For more information see our entries page.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 March 2020 10:45

The movie with steering instructions for the Head of the River race has been updated. The video follows the whole course, from the start in Ouderkerk to the finish at rowing club De Hoop in Amsterdam, and gives suggestions for steering at crucial points on the Amstel river.

We strongly advise all coxes to watch the instruction video carefully.

They should also watch the presentation with rules for overtaking other boats and read the other information for coxes on the site.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 March 2020 10:24

For this year’s Head on March 21-22, 2020, two exciting new fields have been added: the Double Eight (8*) and the Ladies Double 8 (D8*). Both of these are open fields with no age restrictions. Register for this new open competition!

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Registration for the Head of the River Amstel 2020 will open on February 10th and remain open until March 13th at 20.00. Please take the opportunity to register here: Registration Head 2020.

The route: Rowers will race along an 8 km stretch of river from Ouderkerk aan de Amstel to the rowing club ‘De Hoop’  in the city of Amsterdam.

Here are several changes from past races:

  • The Gentlemen Veterans class is now called Veterans: VA-D8+, VE-H8+ and VA-E4*. The Ladies are still DV.
  • There are two new races: a Double 8 (8*) and a Ladies Double 8 (D8*)
  • In addition to the VA-D 8+ field, registration is also available for Veteran fields for older age groups. This field will race if at least three teams participate.
Last modified on Wednesday, 12 February 2020 14:13

For the last races, the Draw has been updated!

The latest changes and additions of the Draw are now published!

Saturday Code RED, Sunday Code GREEN.

On Sunday all races will be rowed! All weatherforecasts show a great improvement compared to the current situation (saturday 12:30 h. ), especially windforce and currents are less intense. The Head organisation trusts that all races can be rowed.  

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