Weather Codes

The head of the River Amstel uses weather codes. As from wednesday before the race weekend, 20.00h, the up to date weather codes will be presented at the home page. 

There are three weather codes: Green, Yellow and Red. These codes indicate the situation for the first following time slot.

The weather codes will be communicated on the home page of the Head of the River and via flags at all 7 boat houses (Willem III, Skøll, Poseidon, RIC, Nereus, De Hoop and Amstel).

The decision if a time slot will be cancelled or continued will be made at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before the first start of each time slot. From that moment the color green of red will be featured. This means the decision will be made at:

  • Time slot 1: Saturday, 11:45
  • Time slot 2: Saturday, 14:30
  • Time slot 3: Sunday, 9:30
  • Time slot 4: Sunday, 12:30

Explanation weather codes:

  • GREEN:

The weather is not indicating any reason to change anything in the schedule.

  • Yellow:

Pay attention: The weather may result in that the next time slot is postponed or cancelled. Please keep an eye on the website and/or flag poles at the boat houses.

  • RED:

The weather is not allowing us to continue with the competition without compromising the safety of rowers and staff. The next time slot is cancelled until further orders. Please keep an eye on the website for further information.