1. Entries with existing username and password

If you have participated in last year’s event, you should have received a username and password on behalf of your rowing club. You can re-use these credentials for this year’s event and sign up at mijnvereniging.knrb.nl.
If you have lost your credentials, please send an email to the KNRB ([email protected])

2. New entries

If you want to participate, please send an email (at least one week before closing date of entries) to the KNRB ([email protected]) and include the following information:

  • The full name of your rowing club
  • Address
  • City
  • Country
  • Contact name
  • Contact mail address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Small description of blade, shirt and trousers

To enter combination crews (Dutch -  foreign / foreign – foreign) please turn to the KNRB (Martijn van Rossum) with following information:

  • Fieldnumber (for example 235 DMF4* Dames masters f dubbelvier-met)
  • Club name
  • Names of rowers/coxes plus seating
  • Birthdates rowers/coxes (not only birthyears)

Payment information can be found on the Regulations page, item 3 and 4.