Monday, 06 March 2023 12:00

Blockage Bridge Ouderkerk: Rearranging of the Start and Finish Areas

Due to construction works on the Bridge in Ouderkerk, there is no passage possible under the bridge during the weekend of the Head of the River. Because of this, the start of the race has been moved in the direction of Amsterdam.

There are some consequences for both racing and warming up towards the start:

  • Always listen to the umpire in the start area.
  • All crews need to turn before the Bridge in Ouderkerk.
  • After passing the Rozenoord bridge, crews will wamr up in numbered order.
  • Keep an eye on your passing time of the Rozenoord bridge, which is printed on your crew numbers. (It has been shorted compared to other years)
Foto: Alex Rutten

Besides a change of the start location, this year also the finish has been moved, towards rowing club De Hoop. (~150m closer to the start)

Advice to Coxwains: Please take a look at the Coxwain and Overtaking instructions on the website.

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